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Krossover Technologies India Pvt Ltd was recently selected as SEI (Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University) Partner and takes pride in being part of “SEI Partner Network”.agreement was signed between Krossover Technologies India and SEI to provide Krossover Technologies India with rights, benefits, and obligations as an SEI Partner for the People Capability Maturity Model (“People CMM”) Product Suite. People often think of the term ‘People-Process-Technology’ as a metaphor and buzz words. We certainly don't. Business-IT Maturity is a changing Mix of People, Process and Technology. . It requires serious thinking about getting the mix right, because this mix is a pre-requisite for achieving business goals...


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Our core practice area include-

• Project Management

• IT & Business Process

• Quality & Assessment

• Software Testing

• Application Development &

We are guided by the principle of-

• Process Driven Organization

• Commitment in Service Delivery

• Investment in Human Capita

• Customer Satisfaction

• Krossover Technologies India is a “Knowledge Consulting” organization in the Information Technology space. Established in 2007 - Krossover has already spread its operations in India and South Africa. The culture of KrossTech is that of a process driven organization with commitment to Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. We strive to provide quality services and work closely with our customers, enabling them to meet their commitments for deliverables and to high standards. We have partnered various other organizations who issue certificate of standards in the fields of service management, process design, software testing, read more...

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