IT Service Management

What Is IT Service Management?

IT service is the application of the business strategies to make the organisation help in creating, managing and optimising information that helps to process the business. Therefore, the market has segmented the employees into different types which differentiate them in the core functionality. For example, an IT company has a designer to design the potential websites, a builder and runner to make it run. Hence, one man cannot be enough for the entire department of the IT service in a company. And, the IT service management (ITSM) indicates to the summation of activities which are planned by the policies and organized in to the process structure supporting the procedures of making it run. These are performed by the organisation or part of the organisation that plans, delivers, operates and controls IT services offered to the customers.

Know More About IT Service Management Consultancy

IT service management is different from the other technology-oriented IT management setups like network management and system management. IT service management is charaterised by:

Implementing a process towards a management service.

Its main focus is its customers, and not the IT systems that are for the customers.

It stresses on continuous improvement of the service.

What Are The Frameworks That Include ITSM?

The other frameworks that include the ITSM are:

Business Process Framework (eTOM):

This is a framework that the IT service management needs for telecommunication service providers. The procedure is common on as the employees have to be connected to the customers out of the country that will make their work easier.

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT):

It is an IT Governance framework which would specify the objectives, metrics and maturity models that needs to be controlled. Recent adaptation has aligned the objectives to established ITSM process names.


it is a standard for managing the lightweight service. It contains several parts like the auditable requirements and document templates which will be published under the Creative Common licenses.

ISO/ IEC 20000:

It’s an international standard that manages and delivers the IT services at its best. The process model of the ISO/ IEC 20000 has many similarities that of ITIL version 2. It is such because of ITIL was mutually adapted to the version 2 of ITIL. ISO/ IEC 20000 require a minimal requirement of an effectual service management system that would match up to its standards. If an organization has the will to upgrade its standard then it can achieve the certification of the ISO/IEC 20000, by simply auditing and organizing the conformance of the SMS to ISO/IEC.

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

It is basically the managing the services based on the technologies of the Microsoft software, and guiding its software and the management functions.