Our Events

SMEXA 09 Conference & Exhibition

Krossover Technologies India took part in IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition in South Africa - SMEXA 2009 - the only forum of its kind in South Africa where expert practical knowledge and academic brilliance meet on the same page. IT gives everyone related to ITSM field a golden opportunity to meet and interact and engage with top local and international thought leaders on the issues, trends and opinions that impact on the IT Service Management environment. Krossover Technologies India was the ONLY exhibitor from pure consultancy point of view. We are tool independent and are purely focused on IT Service Consulting . A practical case study on ITSM implementation in one of the major financial institution in South Africa was presented by Krossover. Many attendees received good insight and consultation on myriad of complex Service Management issues facing business in South Africa by attending the presentation and consulting with our on-spot consultants.

India Business Forum 2009

Mr. Anand Sharma, Honourable Minister for Commerce & Industry, Government of India, addressed the India Business Forum (IBF), South Africa on 21st August 2009 as part of his 3-day state visit to South Africa. Amongst many heavyweights spanning across industry verticals, Krossover Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd was also invited to attend the session as a key player in the local IT sector of South Africa. IBF, with H.E. The High Commissioner of India as the chief patron, is a common forum comprising of various industry majors operating out of South Africa, and Krossover with its primary operations being Africa centric, is keen to play a major role as an IBF member to highlight the benefits as also the challenges faced by Indian Companies in South Africa.