Project Management: A Pivotal Role to Manage

Project management is not a new concept, but holds many responsibilities with a new belief.

What is Project Management?

Project management is a phrase that has been common in the corporate world, since quite a long time. Bifurcating the phrase, you would get Project and Management. The project is a collective endeavour of a team to work out the best result for any product or service. And, management would mean to manage the effort of all, together. Since every project is a temporary team effort, therefore, it has a specific processing time and ending time, so the management effort has to look out for the best results to be achieved in that given time for the product. Every project comes up with an explicit goal and is unique in nature. With the uniqueness, every project calls up for a team of professionals, which not necessarily would come together every time. It might so happen that people will be called from different organisations and to work together the best for a particular task. Be it software developing programme, or building of a bridge, bringing relief to a natural disaster site or expansion of the sales, everything would fall under the name- Projects. And, Mangers would be such individuals who would be able to control the end result by supervising the team, delivering on-time and within the budget. The profit margin of the company or the organisation also depends rightly on the post, in the corporate world. Learning and integration are what the individual must give to his core members, for the organisation to benefit.

What Is The Importance Of A Project Manager?

A project can be tough. But, can be very well managed if an organisation has the knowledge of project management. And, hence, the Managers come to the situation. People with such a designation know how to control a team and correctly boost them. He is the one who perfectly keep the project on goal. And, this is his only job. With a sound experience and knowledge, a person takes over this post. As this is not an easy task, therefore, an individual has to go through a lot of training examination of certification to be suitable. The concept, goals, approach and reason for a given project are crucial to its success, which is the Alma matter to a project and is handled by the person in the post. He has to be active and effective. Hence, he has to look into the core five aspects of a project.

The Initiation

The Planning

The Execution

The overall Monitoring and Controlling

The Closing

How Can A Project Be Managed??

Project Management is then the correct application of skills, knowledge and tools to technically meet up the project requirements, within a team. Detailing the above five points we have explained them here below, on how a project should be managed:

The Initiation And Conception Of The Project:

The idea or initiation of the project will be tallied to estimate the end result. Every project must be conceptualized in a way to benefit the company. If it benefits the company then the project will be carried forward henceforth, or else will be dropped. The realistic way of completion of the project with beneficial results is calculated in this phase.

The Planning of the Process:

In this phase, an outline is created be it in writing or saving in a document so that the project is carried out in a systematic manner. A team should be able to prioritise according to the importance of certain needs, which must also fit in the budget. This also helps in determining the resources of the project.

The launch or Execution

The information reaches the executives and members, and they start their work. Once, the member gets to know their functionalities and duties, they start their work.

The Performance and its Control

The managers will compare and contrast the status of their work progress, with their tallied plan. This helps the manager to understand the status of the team. He can boost or help them once if they are laid back, and appreciate if they are at a good pace. So, in totality, this helps in keeping the team on track and is worked out exactly what is needed.

The Closing:

And, when the members execute their work well, they reach client’s extreme appreciation. And hence, the project gets completed and closed, on a good note. This is the detailed process of carrying out a project and its management. However, it varies from industry to industry. The goal is to reach the client’s demands in the given time with a perfect result and going by this process, it can be reached easily. The management in a whole benefits the company and gains more business. Hence, it is looked upon as one of the most important posts in the corporate world.