Software Testing Consulting Service in India

With the present day software systems becoming more and more complex and pivotal business enabler, one cannot argue against the need for improved quality in software development. If the developed code of software fails to perform in the hands of its customers, it will result in customers losing confidence and eventually a business crisis. As such, one of the most important parts of software quality is the process of testing and validating the software.

Reasons for Software Testing Consulting Service in India

Employing a verification method that applies a controlled set of conditions and stimuli for the purpose of finding errors/defects in software systems

Verifying the functional and performance requirements from the software system

The resulting data from testing efforts can be reviewed by all concerned for confirmation of system capabilities as well as to measure, and track quality goals for the project.

To achieve a necessary improvement in software quality

Testing services spans across

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

System Testing (Compatibility/ Recovery/ Usability/ Security/ Stress/ Performance/ Regression)

Alpha / Beta Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Installation Testing

Exploratory testing

Why us?

Our team of software testing consulting service in India are equipped with required qualification, knowledge and experience in testing applications over various architectures like Client/Server, Web, Pocket PC, Mobile and Embedded

Focus on customer experience over technical implementation

Our ‘independent’ testers integrate themselves with project team continuously, coming up a quick learning curve to address associated cultural, organizational, logistical and technical issues

Our testers are well informed over TQM and Quality Control concepts which they apply as knowledge when executing test cases. This is the key to successful testing

For organizations looking to outsource their testing services will leverage from our testing resources situated onsite in South Africa as well as India

Most flexible and competitive team

Our services are available to you 24 X 7